Babywearing Basics

"Babywearing" means carrying a baby using a cloth baby carrier. Holding babies is natural and universal;
baby carriers make it easier and more comfortable by allowing parents to hold their children while
attending to the daily tasks of living. It is also beneficial for babies because it satisfies their natural need
for human touch, making them feel safe and secure.

The mamas at Zoolikins believe Babywearing makes life easier! We know what it's like to balance a new
baby with work, other children, and everyday life. Babywearing is the answer! Let us help you find a carrier
you love, whether you have a newborn or a toddler.

We welcome you to try on carriers before you buy, and we are happy to offer expert assistance on fit and
safety. We stock a full selection of styles from structured carriers, wraps and ring slings, and the
best brands available.

Brands we Carry: Ergo, Boba, Lillebaby, Baby K'tan, Baby Hawk, Wrapsody, Taylor Made, Onya, Beco, & more.

Questions? Check out our class schedule for our free monthly babywearing 101 class or schedule a private appointment or come in whenever we are open for assistance.


Babywearing safety

Quick Safety Tips:

  • Always make sure that the baby is "visible and kissable". You don't want the baby sunken into the fabric of the carrier or hanging too low. These conditions can cause the baby to have a "C" curvature of the spine and cause a "chin to chest" position, which can constrict oxygen intake.
  • The best position for a small baby to be carried in is the tummy-to-tummy position. If the cradle carry is used for nursing, baby should be returned to an upright position as soon as they are finished.
  • Infants should have their neck, bottom, upper legs, and back supported by the carrier. Older babies being worn with their legs out should be seated in the carrier with their knees higher than their bottoms. This supports the spine and prevents them from slipping too far down in the carrier.
  • Be aware of your surroundings while babywearing. Protect your little one from heat sources such as stoves and use common sense when babywearing. Just because you can wear your baby while riding a bicycle or horseback riding doesn't mean that you should.